Mini Film Festival

Screened films can be viewed thanks to the cooperation with the One World Film Festival and their One World in Communities project. The mini film festival is supported by CVTI SR.  đź•µ

Screening place: Pavilon November

Screening schedule:

September 19:

  • 10.00 - Total trust
  • 13.00 – The flood is upon us
  • 13.45 – In the light of the night
  • 15.00 - Deep rising

September 20:

  • 10.00 – The flood is upon us
  • 11.00 – Deep rising
  • 13.00 - In the light of the night
  • 13.45 – Total trust

More about movies

The flood is upon us:

"Why is it so warm?" a young girl asks the computer application. "The climate crisis is to blame." We don't have to go to burning Australia or melting Antarctica for the consequences of climate change. We also feel them here in Slovakia. The Demänovská ice cave is melting, long-lasting droughts destroy crops and extreme heat threatens our health. However, that is far from all. If we want to avoid the worst, each of us must answer a simple question: "How do you want to continue?"

Total Trust:

"The film is an authentic portrait of a totalitarian Chinese society that proudly uses artificial intelligence, such as facial recognition, surveillance, to control and manipulate its population. Anyone who gets out of control bears the consequences, often it is a restriction of personal freedom or detention. The police, for example, in on any given day, he can decide to block the door of an apartment or access to public services, such as the entrance to a store to certain people based on health or social scores. In the documentary, we follow two families and one journalist and their fates. All the protagonists use their critical thinking, you could say , that they stick their heads out of the crowd, and they have to face the consequences. And it's not just them, it's their descendants who face discrimination in schools. This documentary was directed by a Chinese female director from abroad, and as you can see in the end credits, people , who participated in the making of this film from inside China are credited as anonymous. This only underscores the seriousness of the human rights situation."

In the light of night:

Deep rising:

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